Array object offset to make a trapezium like shape

i’m trying to make a set of diamonds 7 diamond wide and 21 diamond long, with a slight offset so that the line grows longer (but only length, not number of items) the more you go down the seven colums of 21 dimonds.

Any idea how i might do that ?

So far, i tried with a first array of 21 down Y, then a second array of 7, along X, which makes a nice rectangle…

(see link:

but I can’t seem to make the offset bigger and keep it symetrical…

help ?

++: applied a scale I had made previously. Might do it for me, not sure yet…

You can make an instancer plane via an array with Object Offset where the offset object is scaled up (to create expanding offset), instance the diamond on the faces of that plane, and array the diamond 7 times in the orthogonal direction.

array_expanding_offset.blend (142.4 KB)

You can turn off the instancer display in viewport and/or render here:



Hmm, after re-reading the question again, perhaps I misunderstood it? If you want to arrange an object or objects in a trapezium formation you can just use instancing. Just model a trapezium with an appropriate number of faces. You can even make it semi-nondestructive by using the array + lattice to build the instancer.

trapezium.blend (133.6 KB)

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A thousand thanks @Stan_Pancakes,

the instance tip is interesting, but I’m looking to make something more in the lines of your trapezium gem set. I just want rows and columns of gems/diamonds that gradually space out. And even scale up a bit ?
Like this but done procedurally, not by hand as I’m doing right now :

I’m not sure I understood your methode for the trapizium ?

The method is to create a mesh that has 7x21 faces (or vertices), shape that like a trapezium, and instance the gem on the faces (or vertices) of that mesh (by parenting the gem to the trapezium and enabling face (vertex) instancing on the trapezium, see the manual I linked previously for more information).

A couple more ways of making it non-destructive: by using vertex instancing on a line that’s re-centered via a Displace modifier and arrayed (non-uniform scaling of the offset object creates exponential offset), or by using a Simple Deform (Taper) modifier to make an instancer (as opposed to Lattice):

trapezium_2.blend (140.4 KB)

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And how would you go about making the gems grow bigger as you go ? I like your use of screw modifier :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end, i made one line of 21 gems, then made them bigger gradually with and object offset. Then copied it, slide the copy to the left, added and array to make a set of three columns, made a rotation with another empty, added a mirror modifier and got the 21 lines of 7 gems, with spacing and scale that gow as you go down.

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Hey, whatever gets the job done!

But to answer the question - the solution would be akin to trapezium_2, you’d just use faces for instances and tick “Scale by Face Size”, so that instanced objects get gradually bigger.

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Cheers, i’ll try it just to understand your method !