Array Objects moving down y axes when adding Lattice modifier

The neck of the dragon is moving down the Y axes as soon I add the Lattice Modifier. I added the Lattice Modifier to thicken the middle part of the dragons body but it seems he don’t like the lattice cage at all for all the body slides out of it.

How is that and how can I mend this problem?

My first suggestion was to apply the scale on the elements of the dragon’s body. I tried just what you do: A lattice over an array with a relative offset and using an empty to enlarge at the same time. It works just fine.

For some reason, “my” Blender runs wild when the scale isn’t applied and the copies made by the array become insanely huge.

But that’s not the real problem. The problem is that Blender does exactly what you ask it to do. :smiley:

Your second image shows that you shifted the control points of the lattice along the Y axis to cover the body of the dragon. Well, it’s kinda expected that Blender does the same thing to the mesh too. I think that’s the way a lattice cage works. :wink:

To fix it, re-center the origin of the lattice. In Object mode: [SHIFT CTRL ALT C] --> Origin to Geometry. Or use the button “Origin” in the Tools shelf.

A reminder for the future: To bring a lattice where you want it to apply, move it in Object mode only. Moving the control points must be used only for the deformation.

Thank you so much Kaluura but unfortunately something is still going wrong inside the Lattice.
I re centred everything and applied location, rotation and scale to my array objects. I was certain that your advise will fix it especially after reading you mentioning applying location, for that reminded me of a similar problem I had before.

Still thank you ever so much for yourkind and detailed feedback.

It’s the lattice which needs some fixing. Its origin must be moved back to the center of the geometry. [SHIFT CTRL ALT C] in Object mode with the lattice selected.

You must not move the control points of the lattice except to transform a mesh. When you move the control points, you ask Blender to move the mesh too… and that’s not what you want.