Array of classes

Well… I made a class

class Matrix:
bones = []

and how to make array out of it? I tried like:

array_of_matrices = Matrix[]

but it doesn’t work ;/

the - is used to indent

class Matrix:
—bones = []

#to get bones


#to assign that class
bar = Matrix()

bar.bones.append(“this a string being appended to Matrix.bones”)

array_of_matrices = []
for i in xrange(0, number_of_matrices):

#or one-liner:

array_of_matrices = map(lambda x: Matrix(), xrange(0, number_of_matrices))

#I’m pretty sure there’s a shorter one-liner, but python isn’t keen on TIMTOWTDI-ism.

Well… I don’t understand phaeton stuff. Sutabi was close. But I still don’t know how to make that I can make many matrices

Matrices[10].bones[2] = xxx

array_of_matrices = map(lambda x: Matrix(), xrange(0, number_of_matrices))

translates to

array = [Matrix() for _ in xrange(0, number_of_matrices)] i think.


In Python, there isn’t really a concept of “arrays.”

Instead, what you have are (basically) lists and dictionaries.

A “list” is a sequence of “things.” The first thing is at position #0. And a “thing” can be absolutely anything, including another list.

A “dictionary” is a collection of “things,” each one accessed by means of a “key.”

The Python language as used in Blender is exactly the same language that is very-amply described in the Python web-site. Well worth spending some time there…