Array of Lamp objects

How to make an array of directed lights? Where an array modifier to the Lamp object can be found? I have tried parenting Lamp to other objects for which there is an Array modifier but it doesn’t do the trick :frowning:

Subdivide a plane then use Dupliverts to place copies.

Behind my question was an idea to use all easy animation techniques that come with Arrays.
They form quite characteristic features (and effects, look at demos on youtube) with fexibility tempting to be used.

Since you can’t use an Array modifier on an Empty, you’ll have to create a cube or plane, then collapse the vertices into one. Then make it the parent of your lamp, enable dupliverts and add an array modifier to it.

Dupliverts works only on the first element of the array as long you don’t apply modifier.
But than by applying it I loose Object Offset buton and great effects for animation that it generates. The whole point of arrays this time was easy animating it using Object Offset funcionality.

It worked for me, but I can only see the lights in Edit Mode.


lightarray.blend (127 KB)

It works, thank You!