array on a curve

does this work only on some versions?
the tutorial - the objects fill the curve.
on mine with the same settings only adds one object.
thanks all

Ps i hope to put tiny drum shaped objects, how do i get them to align with the curve so it ends up as a tube?


arraynotworking.blend (518 KB)

Thanks for trying - nurbs were worse!


arraynSTILLotworking.blend (557 KB)

Your objects need to have a scale of 1; apply scale (Ctrl-A) to the sphere and curve.

wait, what? nurbs were worse? i showed you a proper way of doing it, nurbs or bezier, its the same thing… i just prefer nurbs over bezier.

thanks but it looks like this particular version does not behave properly!
see the files i attached

yea CTRL+A and apply scale…

also, u need the curve modifier for it to follow the curve.

Another way of attacking it…

You would need to Ctrl+A and “Make Duplicates Real” if you wanted to animate things though.

yea CTRL+A and apply scale… did not make any difference on this computer!
i will download that video and see if it works.

thanks guys

wow it is amazing what blender can do!