Array or Replicate

I’m wonder if it’s possible to replicate to designated faces alternating between these. Or should I be using the mirror modifier


Could you rephrase the question?

Just for fun lets try to decode the cryptogram, :smiley:

How can I duplicate these selected faces and move them between the bars . Or should I use the mirror modifier?

The mirror modifier will replicate the entire model across an axis, so it is not suitable for duplicating individual faces or for local positioning.

However if you select the bottom vertex of your sphere and press Shift+S / cursor to selected, then select the faces you want duplicated and set your pivot point to 3D cursor by pressing period key (.) Then duplicate with Shift+D and rotate on Z axis (R Z) you will then have duplicated faces between the downwards facing bars. :wink:

If you are trying to make duplicates of the leg, why not just use the spin tool? Then again, I’m not quite sure what you are wanting to do.