Array question

I am trying to use the array modifier but I need it to go in a circle I have tried this but it is not working for my needs. Some will say to just use a Tours but this also dose not work for my needs.

I need to be able to repeat the object (The highlighted circle being the example) around after I am done with it
Thanks in advance.

but it is not working for my needs
Which are what ?

You want to use the array modifier but you do not show us what settings you are currently using that don’t work for you.

Show a picture of exactly what you want to achieve and post a link to your blend file

Give be a bit so I can get a touch further with my progress.

Note that you cannot use an array modifier to loft a circle along a curve as it looks now in your screenshot. The circle has zero dimension along that axis. The correct solution depends on what you want to achieve.

extrude the circle a little bit and then try

Hi :slight_smile:

Do you have to use the array modifier? It’s less changeable once you’ve completed the action, but you could use the Spin Tool in edit mode with Alt+R, even if you don’t want the pieces attached just check “Dupli” in the tool panel while doing it. Just make sure you’ve applied the scale of your object(Ctrl+A) or crazy things will start happening.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Try the spin tool like Enigma suggested or the screw modifier.

Here is a example of the screw modifier:


Screw.blend (469 KB)

Thanks a load the screw mod did the trick ^^