Array relative Z offset.

Wow this is weird. I recently downloaded Blender 2.79 I’m using Windows 10. I don’t seem to be able to get the Array Modifier to offset array members along the Z axis when using Fixed Count and Relative. I can get them to offset along the Z axis when using Constant. Has a change been made?


No. Also no test file, no further comments.

You need a test file to try it! ASSHOLE!

Tried before answering and it works, and also knew there’s no mention of changes in the release notes, which gives the answer to your question: no, hasn’t been changed. Why it doesn’t for you is either in your file, or less likely in a messed up blender configuration. Don’t know which, and won’t start guessing.

If you haven’t applied rotation and scale, the array modifier sometimes reacts not as expected.