Array to curve issue

Hi all, I’m having an issue with tanks tracks. I have created a array for the tracks and I have made it flow around a bezier circle,which is working fine.

When I want to rotate the curve around the z axis the array flow goes all spiralled and out of place.

Why is this happening?

Kind Regards

First of all, as far as I know, tank tracks are made of rigid objects, so instead of using array+curve modifier, use dupliframes. The curve modifier would deform the individual tracks, dupliframes distributes and align them along the curve without deformation.

As for the question, rotate the curve in object mode, not the control points in edit mode.

I think I have already used dupliframes. The issue i’m facing is that i want to animate them, which I have done successfully going forward and backward, the issue comes when I turn the model.?

You did not show or tell me anything about how you set this up. A blend file would be the best, or if your one of those guys who say “I don’t want to post my blend file, they’re gonna steal my work” (Nobody needs your work), than at least give me a description of the setup with images.

The forum wont allow me to upload blend file. I will try some pictures

Upload it to then post the link here.

Despite your saying so, you did not use dupliframes, you used array+curve modifier.

If array+curve modifier is ok for you, you can just parent everything to an empty and animate the empty instead of the curve, and the tracks won’t detach from the curve.


I dont think its on the file i upload but I parented the curve to an empty, so I could move the empty. Which is fine along y axis but I can rotate on z axis without it going wrong.?

You can do whatever transforms you like, if you parent every object to an empty and just transform the empty.

Dosen’t work for I upload file.

Here’s the new file

You did not parent the tracks object to the empty. Also, all your face normals are inverted.

But when I parent the tracks they no longer rotate around the path of the curve.

Thanks for video but just more confusing to be honest, I have everything working apart from the z rotation.