Array tools, all in one for translation, scale and rotation array

Hi Elreenys,

I download the one on top of your thread 1.1.1 and the blender version is the latest 2.8 release.

There was no console report it just crash without any error messages.

It could be a conflict with other addons maybe.

I know there is a crash report on linux /tmp/ but if you’re on windows, I don’t know where to find it.

Yes i forgot to mention i was windows 10 and i notice it crash after clicking cancel.

But it’s still stop working for no reason while trying to adjust parameters, for me it stop working like 50% of the time so unfortunately not usable in my case but like i said maybe disabling all my addons could make it work.

Yes it’s the best solution, try the addon alone and enable one by one the others. Try them all if you could.

I have install the addon on a clean Blender installation with no other addons activated and it still crash and stop working when trying to adjust parameters.

I send a copy to a colleague of mine for testing and same thing happen to him, we are both on windows 10 so i guess this is the problem.

Too bad i would have love to have this addon but i will have to buy the paid one since i need it now.

It’s not the OS the problem, I have tested it on windows 10 myself. Send me your copy, I will check, especially if someone else got the same result as you have.

One more thing, can you try it on Blender 2.81 alpha and tell me if it happens too?

Hi Elreenys and sorry for late reply but i had no notifications that you have reply, i will test it soon on 2.81 but i think i narrow down the issue a little more by playing with it.

I notice that if i enter numeric values in the input field it’s work every time but the minute i try to use the arrow to change the value that’s exactly where nothing work afterward. It’s just like spinning the numeric values with the arrows cancel something and i cannot modify anything after.

Hope this can shed a little bit of light on the issue.

Edit: this behavior is similar to creating a cube and then once you click on the viewport or use a numeric field you lose the ability to change cube parameters. I am not a programmer just trying to help.

Another point i notice, it’s stop working after using undo if i just change parameters it will work but if i do an undo it stop working after.

Undo it’s not recommended. I got your issue with the arrow around the property (got a very high number of objects) when I was testing an early 2.81 version. Now it safe.
Without complaining from the prog, it’s problematic to solve this.

Yep agree undo is a no go and i can at least use it by using numeric manual entry as long as i don’t use the mouse to spin the numeric field it will work correctly.

Thank for taking the time to look at it.

You can update as it animates, you just need to enable the values to be keyframable.Or use a handler


Yes I would love to. I speed hours to finally found this :
I think it’s the same issue on custom property with python.

A new release is here.

  • add more rows
  • one collection for each array session
  • choose the direction of rows
  • scale on columns or rows or both
  • rotate on columns or rows or both

Just be careful as the number of objects increase greatly.
Have fun !


YES! Thank you so much for adding extra rows!

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YES!!!.. a thank you from norka too!

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Hi @Elreenys,

Thanks for this useful add-on. I want to try it, but read in your Github info that it will be included in Blender 2.81. I searched for it in the prefs of the latest 2.81 alpha master build, but couldn’t find it. Will it be included in Blender 2.82?

Hi @Metin_Seven,
I don’t have much infos, as possibly for 2.81. So I cross fingers :crossed_fingers:.


Would be great to have your addon among Blender’s standard addons. :+1:

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A new small update !

  • variation in the number of elements in rows
  • alignment of rows when variation is not zero
  • correction of reference object’s transforms which wasn’t update anymore

The example bellow shows a variation of -1.


Are there any dox? I hate “exploring” a tool to find out what it does. For one thing, my own preconceptions can prevent me from using the tool to its fullest. Secondly, so far I can’t get this tool to do much, especially in the ROWS section - it often seems to be resetting itself and disappearing all the array elements.

So, some written dox would be good.

Exploring for me is the best part :slight_smile:
Sometimes you follow the docs and you end up repeating a process, whereas when you explore happy accidents can happen. Sorry, I’m digressing…

Did you check the wiki yet?