Array Video Synced with Music

I have just finished my array video. I was making it for the Array Competition in the Contests section of this forum.

I had to really compress the file so it could be somewhat easy to download so don’t be too harsh about the file quality.
It’s still 35 MB. But its worth it. I promise. It’s about 4 minutes long.


BTW the song I used is Heresy by Nine Inch Nails. If you like the song, pay them tribute.

Simply amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Thanks for the compliments.


Not my favorite piece of music, but the animation was amazing! 10/10!

NIN rocks. There’s no debating that. But thanks for the animation comments, thats really all anyone should be focusing on anyway. :slight_smile:

haven’t watched the vid yet because rapidshare sucks. what a pain! try - 1 gig free file hosting.

ok, watched it - a few crits and a question

you might want to mess around with animating your texture colors and offsets to make it more interesting… the color gets a little repetitive after a while. along the same lines you might want to put a trippy (or just subtle) background behind it. also some of the syncing seems a little off or uneven - and, this may be related, but did you hand-key the whole thing? to get it perfectly synced you might want to play with your interpolation types. it would be awesome if blender had audio driven IPOs. I’m sure somebody (not me) could script it.

go NIN

Yes, I hand IPOd everything, and they are mostly as close as I can get them without rendering everything 10 times, it took 45 hours to render all those 5850 frames, so I’ll keep it the way it is. But I’m glad someone is giving some good criticism. About the texture, even when animating it. since its all one mesh they would all have the same texture anyway. the background was kept simple because I wanted complete focus on the array, but I do agree it is boring at times. This was my first thing of this type and I think I pulled it off quite well.

We really need an audio driver for IPOs that would kick soooo much @$$$$$

Thanks again for the comments. I plan on making another movie, but not making it with arrays.


Ugh, that sound track is annoying. Strange, none of the stuff they did for quake ever bothered me. But the animation was great, I can see you spent a long time on it. It ends rather abruptly though.

Yeah, thats how the song ends. So I really couldn’t do much about that. I can’t believe all you people don’t love NIN. Trent is a genius.