Arrayed segments of a rifle barrel have unwanted segmented lines

I’m doing a tutorial here. mirroring and arraying, I noticed the barrel of my rifle had segment lines.
I had a really hard time trying to follow the tutorial up to this point (too advanced for me), but I was wondering if there
is something simple I can do to get rid of the segment lines.

From the tutorial, this is what the barrel is supposed to look like. No lines between the arrayed part.

This is what I get. Notice the lines between the arrayed parts.

Link to my blend file:

Get rid of those faces that gets repeated in the array as internal faces. You can make them later on after applying the array (or as start cap in an array).

Thank you for your response. I only deleted the thin faces, which were a result of adding all the edge loops to make the topology sharper per the tutorial directions. I left the larger faces unattached so if I can add interior faces to the barrel topology after applying the array (as you say I can), they will give me a better idea of what faces I have to remodel. I don’t know when the tutorial will direct me to apply the array. Anyway, the segment lines are gone for now. Thanks again.

Thin faces deleted and no segment lines:

My new blender file:

I didn’t mean you can add interior faces. What I meant is that you can add those faces I suggested you to delete back, after you apply the array. Interior faces are a type of mesh error (making the mesh non-manifold) and your mesh still has problem with them:

  • I moved the array to be on top of the modifier stack. The only thing this does is that one can apply the array modifier before mirror.
  • I enabled merge in the array modifier and changed the merge distance to a very small number. This connects the parts in the array.

Now that the array is visible in edit mode, you see the resulting problem (strange lines) and also what is causing it. Because this is an array, front faces get repeated. The topology is fine in the first piece but after that they cause a problem.
Selected faces make the interior faces in the array - They are connected like this

which you should always avoid.

The solution is to remove those front faces while they still are in the array.

@original poster

Also click merge in your array modifier to merge the points together.