Arrays not showing texture

I am trying to make an array of some bottles. I have the bottle object looking the way i want (for now) and when i add the array it only duplicates the object, and not the texture on it (the label). Im sure there is a simple solution i am missing, or a single button starring me in the face, but iv searched for an hour and cant find it. Albeit i am not a search engine master.

So how do I get all my arrays to copy the object exactly WITH the texture in the same place as original.

It would help if you could attach your blend to your post (make sure to pack your textures). I’ve just tried an array with a textured object and it works fine for me.

Sorry about that, totally forgot. Here is my .blend file.

It should be set up so you will render 6 bottles and only the first one (the actual object) has the label. I dont want to slave away adding details and all that if i can’t get it to work. It is probably something really easy. Thank you.


bottle.blend (729 KB)

Ooops i dont think i packed the files… sorry again. New to blender and the forum. Let me try this again.

IDK if i had packed the other one. This one should be good. Again… my apologies for my fumbling around.


Sheesh i forgot everything. Im using the newest version of blender 2.5. Downloaded it two days ago.


Test.blend (694 KB)