Arrays of Cablerator not rendering

Hello guys!

I’m new to Blender but not new to 3D in general. I’ve practiced a couple of days to get to know Blender and shortcuts etc. Tried out the Cablerator plugin and created some hoses.
Interesting thing is that the small hose on the upper side does render and the thicker one on the side with Arrays doesn’t. Both are made with Cablerator.

I thought there might be some problem with rendering of arrays or something like that. So for testing I placed an array of cubes along a spline, which get rendered.

Is there some setting in Cablerator / Blender which I can’t find to solve the problem? Any help very much appriciated!

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Welcome to BA:)

If you’re having issues with a specific add-on, your best bet is to message the add-on creator:

Hey Joseph!
Thanks for the answer. Thats exactly the problem, I don’t know if there is something with the plugin or if I am doing something wrong.
Blender looks quite unorganized and overwhelming to someone who is not used to it, so as a Blender beginner I’m not always certain where to click when and why :smile:
Tutorials are my best friend atm but I couldn’t find any information about my issue :man_shrugging:

hard to tell what the issue is with just screenshots, can you at least show us the outliner?
its this one:

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Thank you Jake.

Of course, here it is.

what happens if you enable this and render?

:person_facepalming: I’m so dumb! Of course this was the reason! Thanks a lot.

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