Arrays Sketching - lesson

Hi guys.
I wrote a lesson how to use the script Arrays Sketching. Script by Eclectiel.
I hope that this will help you deal with this script. :slight_smile:
Lesson in Russian with English subtitles.

you are good, man! Thanks a lot for this lesson! :wink:

Well done! :yes:… love the character, very nice way you’ve built him.

Just one tip when doing custom arrays… when creating a “custom brush” you can rotate it to get it in the appropriate orientation. That way you will not need to Tilt the curve every time you draw onto a surface of another object. It will follow the surface with the appropriate orientation automatically.

Congrats!, very nice way to show the tool.

great tutorial, thank you for sharing

that’s great! thanks once again! i haven’t tried it yet, but it looks great!

I would like to see how does the topology of the model of a man look like after using the option that converts all the objects to quads.

Thanks guys.
rozmiarek: Geometry bad. You can see here:
In Blender there is a good tool - Retopo ( re - topology tool). In ZBrush too do Retopo.

Thanks for posting. But, I couldn’t get the script to load into the “addons” section. Am I missing something?