Arrg! Any way to Paste?

Okay, I’ve been trying to figure this out all day. How do you paste an object/it’s attributes? I know you can copy and I can’t find any way to paste it? I’ve searched up help and couldn’t find anything… Help?


most things don’t have a “paste” function in blender

select the objects you want to copy to, and make active the object you want to copy from, then do control+c…

copying logic bricks replaces the logic bricks in other objects with the ones you copy in, the original ones are lost

Try to duplicate it instead maybe (ctrl+D), that might work. Just watch out if you’re duplicating it with an animation, since the coordinates will be the same at frame one. This’ll cause all the duplicated objects to appear in the same place at frame 1. In order to get around this, rename each IPO as you duplicate them. does that make sense?

Dip Nah, I’m trying to do it from the clipboard… Possibly to copy across scenes too maybe :-?

-im having the same problem…
can we maybe… export the models, objects and cameras- with thier atributes- …and import them in other scenes or projects…?
-im checking this out now…