Hey, This is my newest render, comments, critics anything is welcome.

I think is finished, What do you think?

Saludos desde el otro lado de la red…


You really need to improve the scene and lighting; it’s way too hard to see the model.
Otherwise, it looks like a good idea.

thanks space.warp, on this version I improved ligthing.

Much better! It’s amazing how much of a difference good lighting makes.

A note: the “fan” in the background and to the right looks a little odd. It seems as though the tips closest to the viewer are in focus, yet (if I am not wrong) it is far behind the field of focus.

Great job, though!

I see some artifacts, but otherwise a great idea, and nice improvement on lighting.

Yes, it’s really a nice scene now that you can see it properly. I have to agree about the fan, you might need to increase the aperture of the camera.

Thanks , Working on a few changes and camara settings…

This looks neat! The new lighting is much better.
Maybe the ground surface could be less flat, or have some objects over it (pebbles, or something). Or maybe you did want a flat surface on purpose :slight_smile:

Depending on the scale you want, there may be far less depth of field blur. Is this is a big scene, that would mean the lens you use is wide angle (28 to 35 mm), so blurring is barely visible with such a lens, because the in-focus sharp zone is very wide (it may be close to optical infinity), even at full aperture.
(EDIT: because actually, the blur size is below the brain’s acception of “sharp”)
If this is meant to be small objects shot at close range, with a macro lens, or at average range but with a narrow angle lens, then the DoF blur is correct.
In conclusion : don’t overuse the DoF blur. It’s not because you can do it that you should do it :wink: Always think of what it should look on a real camera.

Ow, I’ve just been incredibly boring! Sorry.
Hey, but your picture is nice, though! Keep up the good work.

Be well

This is the new version.

The higher res ground material fits nicely in!