Arrow rain?


I’m trying to make some arrow rain animation with particles, but how I get arrows to stop where they drop and with correct dropping angle?

I’ll attach proxy scene so please take a look.



arrows.blend (453 KB)

My guess? Using a path or a curve.

Hi, do the emitter show dead particles and the collider ground kill them…

Hi, motion it self is not problem. Arrow rotation after collision is.

Hi, what do you mean? If I turn on kill particles from collision settings…yes it will kill all particles.

Double post…

in particle > render > activate Died so it still renders them after death :eek:

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Great! Thank you!

Hi Folks. I will make a similiar scene. When I select the kill particles option in the collision settings and then after select “Died” option in the particle settings everything looks fine in the viewport. But when I take a render, arrows on the plane was disapear. What I am doing wrong?

Here is the sample test project which like I used

Arrow Rain Test.blend (1009.4 KB)