arrow sticks when it hits to an object?

Hi, I want my character to shoot arrows, and he does.
But now I want my characters arrows to stick to whatever they hit first, so once it hits ANY object, it sticks to it. Is this possible?

Further, if thats possible, how (simply please)

Even further, if thats possible, would it be possible to do the same, but with just a small collection of vertes from the arrows (so only the arrowhead stuck)


Search for the bullethole script. It adds bullethole objects to the hit object. You just have to add parenting.

I hope it helps

not sure how to dynamically add parenting, all I know of it is how to do it before the game is set up, no clue how to effect it in-game

There is a parent actuator.
To perform parenting in python check the Game Engine API

Here you go, its a little complicated script, but it works.(written in bge python 2.48 and lower style)
Press space to shoot an arrow.