Arrows Flow for process

I’m traing to make an animation of a industrial process. I need to show how the process follow the pipe with arrows. A good example of what I want to make is this:
I tried with “follow path” but it’s very difficult because I have to put one path and one arrow per time and I’m forced to use many of them. Anyone have a solution?
Thank you!


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Heres one idea - use an array modifier on your arrow actually, I used 3 in this example.

Best of Luck!

I like very much that tool (array) and I know I’ll use it a lot. After your reply I downloaded a tutorial of that. So, thank you very much for your reply. But in this particular case it doesn’t work for me (or I don’t know how to do it using that tool), because I want the arrows follow a curve (like a train of arrows). Another example: A train in a mountain following a twisted road.
Thank you very much.


Here is another example - first, I used an array modifier, then applied it. Applying a modifier makes the mesh become as though modeled the same as the modifier shows. I hope this doesn’t sound confusing.

Second, I used a curve modifier. Now see what happens when you move the arrow object. When it comes to turning the display of the arrow on or off, you could animate the alphas to zero for a fade effect, or animate moving it to a layer that is not shown in the animation.

OBI_Ron: You are the best. That’s the perfect solution. Thank you very much for your help.


Glad I could help!