Arrya how to separate each id into independent objects, rather than geometric structure independent

I was trying to take each robot apart into individual objects, not take apart all the loose parts
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So… what are you actually asking ?

You have a robot and arrayed it and aplied the modifier ?? And now…

I only want 49 objects(7x7), I don’t need hundreds of separate objects, can I only ctrl j 49 times?

I can just guess because it’s not clearly visible if the array modifier are only those two ( → 7 * 7 = 49) or if the robot persists of multiple parts…
So you merged all objects which the robots is made of into one and then did arraying… ??

( If you want answers… then you should clearly show and decribe your problem and what you did. And not let others try to discover every little detail… because of course i for example totally overlooked the number of objects… :person_shrugging: )

Ok, so if I understand correctly, you want to duplicate the object on a grid.

Array Modifier is not a good solution for this, as it modifies the geometry data - so all the copies are part of the mesh now - trying to divide it is a pain.

What you probably need is Instancing. It should pretty easy with Geometry Nodes.

  • add a mesh. It can be anything (“Plane” used in the example), since we won’t be using its geometry data;
  • add Geometry Modifier to it;
  • add Object Info Node with an object that you want to duplicate (you can just drag and drop it from the Outliner);
  • generate a grid with nodes, use Instance on Points to instance the copies.

Now you should have an array of instances.
Applying this modifier won’t do anything meaningful. But select the object and go to Object > Apply > make Instances Real.
The new objects will appear.
Note: these are linked objects, modifying one will modify them all… until you make them Single User.

Both objects used to make the duplicates are still there, so don’t worry when things appear to be overlapping.


I’m really sorry, my English is not very good, the vocabulary I learned in school is rarely used, most of it is returned to the teacher, it is a little difficult for me to describe this kind of complex grammar and vocabulary precisely, thank you for your reply.

No need to apologize… i already guessed that… :wink: i’m also not a native english speaker but nonetheless:

A precise description of the probleme (textual and/or visual) increases the chances to get an answer which do solve the problem.

Happy blending.