Art and I?

Hey there. I started George Bridgman’s Constructive Anatomy book recently. I’m aiming for atleast a page a day - so far I only had time to do one figure though. Looking at it now, the leg seems off - particulary below the knee. I’ll upload drawings sporadically, just to get everyone’s opinion on progress.

I have a question though. The “guidelines” involved before sketching the figure is more like boxes and line of motion correct? Also, I did the head (not very detailed), and body separately, is that all right? Comments are welcome :confused:.



Looks good. Studies like that are a great way to improve. There’s no one way to start laying in guidelines for a sketch. I like to concentrate on gesture and large shapes in the image, but equally you can look for long lines, negative spaces, positive spaces, large areas of value all sorts of things.

A good start is always to concentrate hardest on the angles in the scene, and the relative lengths and positions of anything in the scene.