ART BLOCK: What should I model?

This may not be the appropriate category for this, but I’ll ask anyway.

What should I model?

I am looking for Hard-Surface objects to model so I can texture them. I’m trying to get a texturing job and I need to build my portfolio. First, I need models; since the only topology I trust is my own, and that of professionals, because I can’t seem to find any good (free) resources online.

No vehicles or weapons unless you know of any good reference websites.

Think: Simple, yet interesting.

Thank you for your replies!

If this is the wrong category, please move it.

how about a table with something interesting sitting on top of it, such as a jar of fluid containing a human eyeball.

Well, that would certainly be interesting, but not quite what I was going for.

Take a look around your house. Surely you have some interesting furniture or objects lying around. I know looking just here at my own desk, I have a computer, speakers, a mirror, a mouse, a lamp, a couple of pairs of headphones, several books, a couple of spiral bound books of different sizes, a stack of mail, a cottage cheese container being used as a cup holder, a small 3 drawer container with a lid, a large case full of art supplies, a globe, and a drawing mannequin. In my bedroom, I have a nightstand that I’ve modeled and an antique rocking chair among a number of other objects. Behind me in the kitchen are various pots, pans, plates, silverware, and utensils of all kinds. There’s also a table I recently modeled. I don’t know if there’s any on there right now, but there’s often a bowl of fruit sitting on that table that would be an interesting modeling exercise.

And that’s just a list of a couple of dozen things right off the top of my head. There are hundreds of other things around my house that, if I were of the mind, would make excellent references for modeling.

And if that weren’t enough, pull out the ads from the paper over the weekend (if you still get one). Look through them for all kinds of things from furniture to clothing to accessories that you could use for practice.

There’s wealth of opportunity around us if we’re just willing to open our eyes to see the possibilities for projects that already exist around us.

(And this doesn’t even get into things that could be created that aren’t the actual objects around us, but could be inspired by something around us, such as taking a page from movie production and turn an everyday object like a woman’s razor into a communication device. Check out the behind the scenes on Star Wars Phantom Menace to see what I’m talking about there.)

These are just a few examples I talked about in my finding inspiration episode I posted earlier this week, and that’s not even getting into using what you see on this very site or any other that you come across as inspiration.

Just pick something and go for it!

How about a woodworking bench with some hand tools on it.
(edit) make some wood chips and use grease scatter to spread them around maybe?

Choose something then model it.