Art Deco Statue

Hey guys, another asset. This time loosely modeled off of the statues on the Hoover dam. Here’s the sculpt, about halfway done, still no surface on it. Sculpted in ZBrush.

cool model, nice texturing to. very art deco looking. it would look good in or on a building.

It’s actually just a mat cap for now, but thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent work. It happens that right now I’m reading Ryan’s Atlas shrugged and you work looks so authentically that I stop imagining characters in similar style.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Update. This is the low poly with 3100 tris and the beginnings of 3x(1024x512) maps. Rendered in marmo. Bronze is a fairly complex mat…

Here’s the finals. 3100 triangles with 1024x512 diffuse, normal, and specular maps. For UDK, I also included a 512^2 detail texture.

In Marmo:


Some light polypaint:

Thanks for the help everyone! Some really useful suggestions.

its a beaut honestly ;D I really like it thanks!

Thanks man :slight_smile:

nice! really great looking stuff.

So I realized I never put the proper finals for this guy up, so here goes. Rendered in Marmoset, 3100 tris, 2048×1024 diffuse, spec, normal, and gloss maps. The textures are large mostly because Marmo is pretty inflexible with it’s shaders, so I wasn’t able to optimize much, but the asset itself is very large and prominent, so it needs some fidelity.

Actually I was really admiring that first matcap. Very good modeling and texturing, though. Is it for an actual game, or do you just feel like doing game art?

Thanks man! It’s primarily just practice for sculpting and mats.