Art Festival 2004

As it happened last year, we wish to show, at Blender Conference 2004, all remarkable and interesting artistic creations done with Blender the past year.

Submissions to the Art Festival will take part in the Suzanne Award competition, which will be granted for the second time this year.

Read more on it here!


Games are also welcome? Just a question, because a contest is running now and maybe we can send some good entries. :stuck_out_tongue: The theme and games will be Horrific (well the theme ;))

hey where do I go to look at entries? or can you only see them when the festival is over?

Games are not eligible, sorry.

Entries will be shown at conference, so no way of looking at them before :wink: THen… hehe


Are you looking for pure blender, or are composited animations ok as well?

well. that’s that then… again.

typical :slight_smile: