Art Festival


I posted this in the “Announcement” forum two/three days ago, and post had just 74 reads :frowning:

I assume you will notice it more here :wink:

Blender Conference 2004 will hos a Art Festival wit prizes

Read more here!



I hope I can attend at BC -04…

I will try my best, and I hope we can see each other again S68!

have a chat, meal and some beers :wink:


/.Z :Z

Hehe, I already found it on :wink: and I plan to get to the Blender Conference 2004 to see some of you Blenderheads in person. Ah, and to have some beers of course :D.

I’ve had a bad blender yeah, I did not create anything good this year,and I finally started up with blender again its just with the GameEngine though =_= maybe next year

Already submitted some work. :slight_smile:

If I get my witch done in time, she will be there, butI won’t. I will be in Montreal, so hopefully we can get a video feed and see everyone.


i’ll be there of course!

id like to come but i realy dont want and cant pay 30 euros for one day of blender conference (i want to save money for the blender manual). ill see if i make a entry for the suzzane awards (myst battle at :D. if its good enough. (you still can say you want to join the battle, see forum for details :wink: )).

so have fun and see me another time :smiley: .

Yeah next year you can count me in, No one will stop me, and I’m going to try adding an entry for the game engine part. I think I’ve got enought experience to make a good game in blender. Maybe I do it with some friends. :smiley:

Me and Nayman might not be able to get there physicly…but something from us will surely get there :wink:

Can’t wait for the conference weekend! :smiley:

As always, I can’t go this year… hopefully I’ll get there once, it’s around 2000 km from here, would be quite a drive!!
But this time I’ll submit some pictures, this year I returned to Blending after a pause, and this summer has been quite productive :slight_smile:
And could those of us who can’t make it please have at least some material from the conference? Like a few videos, and the materials of the presentations (the last two conferences, especially last years’, were pretty low on such material)?

(who wishes he could go)