Art Gallery of Ontario

Hey there guys,

here’s my latest work having finished Blender Guru’s “Architecture Academy” which I highly recommend.

It’s of the Art Gallery of Ontario and was a fun little project.

Look forward to you’re comments.

Very nice. There seem to be a lot of great work coming out of BG’s Architecture Academy. Must be a good course of study.

First off this is a beautiful space… I can see why you picked it to model. The only thing that throws me off on it is the hardness of the piano shadow compared to the other shadows. But you’ve done a great job on this.

That’s accurate, though. The fuzzy shadows are cast by beams way up on the roof, while the piano is only a few feet off the floor. Take a look at the shadows under the chairs, they are harder. too. Shadows get soft as the distance from the object casting the shadow increases. Unless, of course, it’s sunlight. Wait, it is sunlight. never mind.

pancreasboy, fix those soft shadows!!!

(I still give it five stars :eyebrowlift: )

Pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Very nice work Pancreaseboy. And one of the favorits i think :slight_smile:
Only litle thing is the halo seems litle bit strange.
But again it is a great work you have done.

Ahh, super! I think you read my comment about the reflection on the piano and changed it. Now it looks right for me.
Your picture is one of my favorites in that contest.
I wish you good luck!

Very nice. Great architecture, good lighting. Very subtle on the grunge and lots of detail. Wonderful balance!! Great job!!

Thanks guys for the comments. And really Orinoco? The sun always casts hard shadows? Man I’ll have to be more observant. And sorry lucblend when you say halo do you mean the spiral wooden staircase?

Not exactly, but a lot harder than shadows cast by other light sources.

Here is a shadow cast in bright sunlight on a flat wall from a building across the street. Notice you can see the silhouettes of individual roof tiles in the shadow. It does get slightly softer as you get further from the shadow source (the chimney pot and the shadow cast by the wall are a wee bit softer than the roof shadow, but this is nowhere near as soft as shadows cast by, say, a room lamp under a chair.

(or by an architects lamp by a vase)

This, by the way, and apropos of absolutely nothing at all, is an absolutely brilliant use of found objects to create art.

Just thought I’d share that, found it while looking at shadows…

Good to know, thanks for that.

I saw a thread recently that had done the calculations for the accurate size parameter for the sun in Cycles… can’t find it now, but he came up with 0.05 (in blender units) or 5cm (metric units) if your items are to scale, and you’ll get accurate sharpness on sun shadows.

I use this as my default now and it works:)

great render.lit by hdr+sun?

Thanks comeinandburn I’ll use that next time. And correct rusted!

@cominanburn, so a cycles sun is a 5cm square plane? What sort of intensity numbers do you use? and about how far do you place it from the rest of the scene? does the angle make a difference? (I’m just starting to use cycles, you see…)

sorry I meant using the sun lamp…

I’ll try to find the posting:)

However if you do use a plane for your lighting remember the smaller the size the sharper the shadows, but of course you’ll need to up the power to compensate.

Great stuff! Love the whole composition, very balanced. Good luck on the contest.

Congretulations - Andrew mentioned your picture on facebook:

Thanks AlinB and tildee, I’m wondering if he’s going to be showing a few more of our renders to help promote the next release of the Architecture Academy?

You did great!!!