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I have recently came back to a scene I was making some time ago and thought hmmm now I have a little bit more grey matter up top I’ll see if I can make this any better. So after finishing the render I was pretty happy with it, and I thought I would finally post something in this forum to get some feedback on what areas I need to work on to improve my projects.
I don’t know what to say about it, umm it was all done in blender. Blender internal renderer, 5 spots AO, render took about 1 hour.

Any feedback is good, thanks


Appears really neat - I think your render has done justice to realistic material created by blender.

Personally I can’t pick anything for you to improve on as in props, in my opinion this is gallery (no pun intended) worth.

The scene you have would do well for a background, I think a statue (idea . . . marble??) would help the viewer to lock eyes on something before wandering to the next thing to strike his/her fancy.

Without a doubt the textures on the vases could use some serious work. I’m assuming that you were going for a delftware look for them, in which case I would recommend finding a picture of one online and making a high quality (2096 at least) texture based on that, whether it be copy paste or creating your own from reference.

I found this with a quick search, hope it can help you!

Thanks very much for the critiques, this is really good to find what others see that I would never think of.
Kbot is that kind of what you would call having a reference point in the picture.
M9105826 I didnt really know what I was doing with the 2 vases. I was more into getting the room right and forgot to pay attention to them, but I do like your idea.
So now that I have something better to judge it by I’ll set about improving it again.

Very nice work here pudman, you are on your way to becoming a Blender master. :wink:

kbot is right, there needs to be something for our eyes to focus on. Also, you could play with lighting to draw the eye to a specific area of the render as the focus, rather than adding another object.

One more thing regarding composition, the large area of plain wall in the upper left of the render really reduces the appeal of the image. Try changing the camera angle.

All the best,