Art Gallery

Here is a cycles render of my versions of a Barbera Hepworth sculpture and some Fiona Rae works displayed in an art gallery. As always, click image twice to view full size. (1920*1080)

Looking for feedback, please.


Good work! Very near photo realistic. Just two things. How do the beams on the celling are holding, they seem to be… hmmm… floating, there not anchored. Is there something holding them ? Second, where’s the light coming from ? No light on the celling or wall. Maybe it’s coming from between the beams. Is that the light we see on each 2 beam ? If so there should be reflexion on the floor.
Ho and one more thing (sorry:)). The sky is a bit yellowish maybe. Well that’s it and keep it up :yes:.

Really nice gallery and lighting, but I think it would look better if the glass areas were all solid like the walls.

I think the environment looks a bit dark. Also the wall would do well with a little bump as it looks a bit too flat.

Otherwise it looks good. I really like the floor.

welldone! :slight_smile:

Most art galleries (most?) have benches to sit on and look at the art.

Thanks for all the comments, but…

Evil Resident: The beams are hanging from a ceiling above, and the lights are obviously between the beams. You can’t see the ceiling or the beams in the reflection on the floor, so why would you see the lights? The sky is a mapped environment texture image, so the yellow colour is natural.

Paint Guy: The building is modelled on a gallery near to me, so the windows are where they are placed in the original building. Maybe I should add some distant buildings or something, to add more depth through the windows.

Noel B: There is a bump texture on the walls, and I scaled it back to a realistic level. The bright lighting tends to flatten the bump, as in reality. Maybe I scaled it back to much?

Place57: Yeah, some galleries do have benches. Not this one! Actually, thinking about it, I haven’t seen seating in modern galleries for a while now.