Art Nouveau dressing room

Hello World!

This is both my first post and first serious interior render.
I wanted to make a scene inspired by my favorite art style - art nouveau with a warm pink-beige feeling to it.

Modelling and rendering was done in Blender (Cycles, duh) and a little sculpting in Zbrush on the lamp, which I later put through xNormal to generate a normal map and optimize render time.

This is a work in progress, even though I thought it wouldn’t be… but after 3 hours of rendering what I thought would be a final render, I noticed a lot of things that need to be fixed, like adding some hair particles to the rug, or fixing that ugly seam on the chair’s left armrest… So before I spend another 3 hours rendering - I turn to the wise community of Blender Artists for guidance and constructive feedback!

TL;DR VERSION - First interior render, feedback appreciated.

I have no idea what to say, Hon. And, with the avatar I will assume I’m talking to a female. Your render is stylistic to me regardless of any art style. And, being so I wouldn’t play BI off with a… Actually, the composition and color brings a smile to my old face. As a child I remember rooms like this occasionally.

My only comment would be maybe the curtains and nylons on the chair need more work. And, the floor lamp on the right be moved to where it is overlapping the chair or not. Right now it is just touching the top of the chair and that is a eye trap. And, what a chair it is. Really nice job there.

Could I float a idea here. Since the scene is all warm tones could the stockings be mist black I think is how the ladies refer to them. And, since you are using cycles maybe you could spend more time on them then anything in the scene. Make them the first place a viewers eye goes to and the last. And, my last observation is the lighting which is blowing out your wonderful textures. Actually, when thinking of a room like this I think of almost low key lighting with shadows being a part of the composition. But, you have chose high key and that’s your choice as a artist. But, just tone it down a bit maybe.

Dolly it is a really nice concept and you need to play around with it maybe. Maybe one of the dividers on the left could be angled a little. I would suggest the second one from the left border being angled a bit towards the back of the room. This being your first effort you sure have it going on in my opinion. Once again my main comment would be lighting. Simply play with Area lights at different settings and sizes. I love it you have the shadows going from left to right since that is the way I read. :slight_smile: Best of luck in your artistic endeavors. You are off to a flying start here. And, if even one of my observations rang a bell I’m happy. theoldghost

Thanks for the insight and kind words, theoldgost! As I said - I’m completely new to interior rendering, so I especially appreciate any lighting and composition tips and will definitely take them into account when tackling this for the second time.

By the way - good to know there’s still people who know a pair of nylons when they see them! :slight_smile:

Dolly yes I definitely come from a time long ago it seems. And, speaking of madams nylons they could tell a story or solicit a response maybe. As I mentioned if they were the only cool color in the illustration they would immediately be the center of attention. Some viewers might then wonder who is/was she and how did she live. To me with them being there this was never another interior render. But, a illustration waiting to happen.

Set up a file as _01 and then have at it. Low key lighting_02.blend, etc. If not familiar with low key, high key lighting maybe Google. I love your high key approach but would also like to see less light with hard shadows. If parts of the room (back) went almost dark so be it. Just no double shadows might be your only rule when playing with lighting.

What you have here is a composition you can really have fun with now. With lighting and some small changes in the color palette. Of course you could end up with three renders you are really fond of. But, if you used the nylons as a hook simply show them to friends and let them describe what they see. For a scene like this maybe female friends would be who you go to. As if it was a illustration used in a women’s magazine. At that point my observations will be useless probably. :slight_smile: You are obviously talented now have fun with it.