Art of Blender Book for Pre-Order

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Blender Cookie is selling a really high quality book filled with artwork made in Blender. Best of all, a portion of all the sales go directly to the Blender development fund. I encourage you all to check it out:

Props to the Blender Cookie team for all they do to give Blender a really respectable reputation.

Thanks for posting this @Jonathan L!

Ha! Perfect for showing off Blender to the unwary. Itll get a prime spot in my living room!

I just received my author-copy of the album. Looks very nice.
Congratulations CG Cookie crew & thank you for choosing my work, it is an honor to be printed in such good company of artists from around the world.

That book is terrific and I am impressed with much of the work in there. I can perfectly use it as a demo piece when designers are interested about the power of the software.

Received my copy as well. I feel honored to be featured in there as well along so many great artworks and artists :slight_smile: It’s really a great book with incredibly brilliant works and a great showcase for blender and its community. Thanks and very well done to all involved making the book!!!

I recevied my copy and as part of designconnected team i want to thanks to CG Cookie crew for the great work, amazing quality with incredibly brilliant works, great job CG Cookie.