Art of rigging for Blender?

I was interested in getting CG Toolkit’s Art of rigging book and I know every tool in the book will probably not be in Blender,but does anyone on the forum have a copy or the e-book to tell me if it’s still a good reference to have for our lovely open source app?

Thanks in advance.


Wow!Not even any of the Maya users here own this?:eek:
Well…guess I’ll go over Tony’s animation book again.

yep, that is the book for rigging.
and ofcourse bassam’s mancandy dvd has information.


Thanks for the reply basse.
I bought books and dvds that were for other apps but have applied the lessons to Blender.
Thought this one might fall in also while I wait for that hot creature dvd from the institute.I’ll check out the rigging in the mancandy dvd cause I’ve only been checking out the animation parts.