Art or not...

Pictures made with blender is art, right?
Or isn’t it… %|

I think this thread is worth locking due to being absolutely pointless (given the fact that this forum is about blender art).

Hell, even people who use paintbrushes and canvas can’t agree on what art is. Some say Rothko, some say Rockwell - some say both (fence sitters!) - I say anything I paint :slight_smile:

Not sure if there’s a point to asking the question but if it has to be asked, it’s probably better off in the chat forum, not general.

I feel that anything that is created has an inherent artistic content. An elegant mesh topology is artistic. A sceen modeled, materialed and light to render a texture is artistic. Applying the texture to the mesh UV is artistic.



Only if it’s done by a true artist, one who earns on average less than the value of two full grown chickens a month. Anything else is Graphics Production.


It can be or it can be not! It will depends of the proposition!

Like whit movies, comics, photos, sculptures, paints, dances… etc… all can be products, hobbies or art… it will really depends on the proposition!

Art is not in the medium, it’s what you do with it. %|

only you can define what art is…lol

look at modern art these days…For fun I always bother my professors @ columbia that the scuplture (modern art) in front of the uris building upside down…

these days art is anything you like…

I’m not getting paid for it. What else could it be?