Art Portfolio Piece? - Sword (Inspired by FFXIII Versus)

Not sure if any of you have followed along, but Final Fantasy XIII is coming soon (hopefully). The trailer for the version Versus is by far one of the most epic battle sequences I’ve ever seen. Check it out for yourself.

So, I wanted to model one of the Prince’s swords, but I couldn’t get a clear shot of any of them, due to low quality and motion blurred movement. Instead, I decided to design my own sword. Character/weapon design has never been a forte of mine, so I did the best I could. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with it so far, but it’s not quite there.

That’s my latest render. You may follow my WIP page (auto updates without reloading) here.

I think the handle needs some work. I’m also having trouble getting a nice point on the sword… so many converging vertices, it’s hard to achieve! Anyways, focused critique please!

For the future, I’d like to create a character as well, and if I have time do some simple animation. And gosh… I’ve been using Maya at school. It feels SO MUCH better to be modeling in Blender, it’s amazing.

THat looks sweet, don’t know much about final fantasy, but I like this!

Nice, I think it only lacks a little texture work but it looks dangerous enough to me. I want to see the owner!

Wow. Nice design! As already said, textures would do it!

Updated with a few more shots. I personally haven’t done much UV texture work before, so I’ll need to tackle with that a bit.

Just awesome, what is the count?

Very nice, but if I were you I would do something with that black stripe.
Mebe you should indent or raise it, it looks kool, but out of place on a sword. (like it was painted on…)

It is indented… guess the lighting didn’t catch it towards the tip!

Does anyone know how to use bump map for the UV texture? I can only get it to use the color! D=

Hi pixel, I looked around bump mapping (or normal mapping)
In the ‘map to’ area of the material settings, you gotta click the ‘Nor’ button to make it afftect the mesh in way of denting it etc

I may be crazy… but that looks just like my fishing rod…

That affects only the selected texture though. Is there a way to select the UV map as the texture?

EDIT: Ah HA! Found it… I think =) - should have all you need if you get stuck again.

Inspired by the clip I know, but that is a very nice design. I quite like it. - if you search for ‘metal’ or ‘metal sheet’ or similar, there can be some quite good, free and high resolution images to help with your texturing. To get the basic feel of metal. Specific wear or dents in the edge of the blade you can then add yourself where appropriate.

I you’re not much into UV unwraps, you could get decent results with blender procedural textures.