Art project in Amsterdam is looking for blender help.

Hi all,
I live in a big apartment building in Amsterdam. With a group of inhabitants we have worked out a plan; we want to have a large image on the building in a special way.

The images will be mounted on the insides of the window stiles so the images can only be seen completely from certain viewpoints.

This movie really explains it better than words can.

The image will be fixed onto the building using paper posters and glue. It will be a temporary work. After a month or so the image will be removed by a cleaning company.

We have not chosen a final image to be used. We want to invite artists and residents to propose images. For this we have made a website were you can upload images and see them projected on the building.
I will not give the address here as you will surely crash our test page : )

Blender Model
Rob Haarsma has made a blender model of the building that we used to render the youtube video and that is used in the website render page.
This model is also used to test if the image works and we want to use it to prepare for the prepress work involved in making the 600 posters.

We have startup funds from a local art fund and we have been promised additional money from the social housing corporation that owns the building. We are currently applying to the city art fund for more money. The idea is to find volunteers to help us with applying the posters to the building.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for somebody that can help us do the following:
-We need improve the model and the surroundings so we can render more professional looking previews and presentation material.
-We need to improve the model an lighting so we can have a better idea what the real world work will look like.
-Our website builder needs help in interfacing blender with the upload page.
-We need improve the model and the surroundings so we can render faster previews for the website.
-We need to find a clever way to do the prepress work for the 600 posters.

I would like to work with a Dutch person to make communication easier, but anybody english spoken is welcome as well.

What do we offer?
We have a very modest fee.

Please help
If you have remarks or suggestions, please post them in this thread, you can also PM me on this forum.
Please note that i might not always be very quick in replying as i have a wife, kids and a full time job : )

Thank you.
Kees Veling

Personal website
Website of our house

Blendfile of the building
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands
The jollehoftop.png texture is copyright google maps

Screenshot of the test render page

Google street view link

Nifty project! I might be able to help you with the website part. I’ve spent some time figuring out how to convert blend files into flash widgets that people can project images on, see this thread:
Basically, if you have a blender model of your building, with some image-based material (or materials), I should be able to convert it to a flash widget that lets users substitute their own image (or images). There are some restrictions but a model like you have should work just fine. Generating animations is possible too.

You can see a bunch of examples on - here’s a simple flag model with animation done client-side (handy to avoid server load):
Animations are a bit grainy because I generate gifs with dithering.

I started off running blender directly from my website, but that approach really didn’t scale, as you seem to understand :-). If you really want to do that, I could probably help with that too.

If you’re interested let me know.

Hallo, ik woon in Amsterdam en ben redelijk in Blender. Ben nu de blend file aan het bekijken
(zondag) en wil graag meedoen. Website (geen Blender)
[email protected]

@Paulfitz: That is an interesting suggestion. The results look really good. We will discuss it. Thanks.
@ Viss6696: Ben benieuwd wat je van de blendfile vind, laat maar horen, ik stuur je ook wel even een mailtje.

I sent you a pm…