Art test suspicion

I was chosen to do an art test for a 3d scan startup, to retouch textures and remove glaring artifacts from the photogrammetry. After a day or two I realized that that might be exactly what would be needed to program a deep learning? I’m sort of vaguely aware from denoising experiments and volunteers rendering to help train the AI, and also deep fakes. These things are available for anyone with initiative. I spent about 8 hours altogether including rendering. There were other aspects, roughness maps, metal, normal maps, ao, etc. but the texture had an 8K size requirement. Do you think a company would do something unscrupulous like this? I’m reminded of captcha where for years I dutifully picked out all the stop signs or vehicles or jay walking pedestrians.

Probably a scam of some sort.

I’m pretty sure they must be trying to automate the texture projection fixup. I’m thinking now why would they even offer that as a job when these deep learning frameworks are available. I was really excited too and delivered it it on the next day 4th of july… Bastards!

Every time you “pick out those jay walking pedestrians” you are feeding a recognition algorithm on the back end. Google talks at length about what they’re doing with the data collected by millions of ReCaptcha responses per day.

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