Art Wiki for Emerging Artists

(An Sarah) #1

Recently the company I work for has finalized the next beta testing stage for the new open platform for tracking and recording works by emerging and overlooked artists.

You can find the tool at .

We want to create the largest database for emerging and overlooked artists. This means we need people willing to add information about their or local artwork to add entries and details about artists not yet recognized by wikipedia.

Details of interest include: name, artist name, dimensions of piece, medium, and a detailed summary of the piece and the artist.

What we hope to gain from this project: an open, publicly funded source of art information that can exist independently of traditional art dealer, gallery owner, and curator information. By doing so, we take the control of art information back into the hands of the public.

What is in it for you: (for artists) public light on ALL documented works of art , ability to have a directory that stores information about works independently of gallery owners or your private collection, which may help drive traffic to work.

(For the public) more available artistic work which allows more options to shop and peruse contemporary artwork. Public directory serves public by creating an easier accessible platform for tracking and recording vast amount of work. And you get to be a part of one of the largest ever attempted projects in the art world!

Hope you join our beta testing phase. All works accepted, from 3D renderings, paintings, drawings, mixed media, and more.

Join at