artefact in noise texture for anodised aluminium

Hi at all,

I’m new to blender and also to
I’M trying to render some objects with anodised aluminium as material.
Long time I have a problem with structure at the surface and the material looks very “painted”.
With some research at other materials I get a very nice structure with a noise texture as bump-map.
I’m very satisfied with the result but there is one last problem I can’t solve:

At all planes parallel to XY-Plane there are a bad structure at the surface. I think this is the result of the noise-texture mapped with a vector-map. But if I adjust the vector map to avoid theese structure I lost the whole structure in the surface.

Here you can see the result with the structure I want and the structure wich is the problem:

This is the shader for the material:

If you wanna try at your own, here is a small project to reproduce the problem:
example.blend (5.94 MB)

Would be nice if anyone can help me to solve this problem.

Hi ANT-Andreas,

Maybe playing with cylindrical projection + position of the origin will do the trick for you:

Set X scale in the mapping node to 1000 (same as Y value)… can do same for Z.


I typically split up the normals (abs x || abs y || abs z, or abs x && abs y || abs z etc) and give each one separate noise with separate scaling. This works nicely for representing cubical things (3 different directions by choice) or lathed things (end faces separate from circumference faces). This would probably work for the main body of your part, but you might have to take special care for the holes and slot, probably UV unwrap and trick around to hide the seam.

I would use cylindrical projection for the circumference and disk projection (have to make disk projection yourself, not included in Cycles) for the end face, and blend between the two. Using projections, similar to UV unwrap, creates noncontinuous “flow” (?) requiring you to hide or mask the seam. 4D or repeatable generators would be very helpful here, but I guess that is not a priority :frowning:

Or maybe UV Unwrapping + Texture Painting:

Thanks for so many replies!

For my case the solution from ‘burnin’ works best.
According to object it’s now possible to set up the structure as needed without texture image or something similar.

It would be also interesting to set texture for X, Y or Z independent like ‘CalG’ mentioned, but I do not really understand how to get this working.

Thanks so far for good help!