Artefact near eye of lion.

I am modelling a lion, without noticing what activated it, an artefact appears bellow the eye. Also notice the ball seems to have a different material.

I already tried selecting both faces and pressing ctrl n and later ctrl shift n to no avail. I also tried reset normals in the w menu but the artefact remains present.

Select the object, in object mode and in the tools panel on the left (hit t) click the ‘smooth’ button, for smooth shading.

It still looks like crap.

remove doubles (Select all verts, tools panel remove doubles)
then recalculate normals (control n)

if it’s not that post the blend.

Looks like z-fighting. Maybe there are more than 1 Eyeballs in the same Position?

Photox, thanks, it seemed to be a duplicated vertex after a f fill of a hole.