ArtefactHunter + Blend & Source Files


Music by:
Adrian von Ziegler - Bone Temple

This game is set in Indonesian temple where you will play as Rama Satria an adventurer and archaeologist whose mission is to secure and collect rare artifacts from people who want to steal it.

Download link in youtube video description.

For those who want to download .blend & source files containing textures & sounds,
Here’s the link:

Ah, you finished it!!!

Great job :smiley:

Thanks, actually this game is already finished a month ago but this game is in a competition so I can’t release this game in that situation, now that the competition is over I can finally share it… :yes:


So your back on your project now?

I have another game project actually, but it’s still a plan. Nordostrov isn’t stable and if I fix the game it takes time, so I decided to make another game project it’s still an fps game and still using BGE. I’ll upload the video when it’s ready…

How do you make you’r games look so good? Yeah - this is nice game!:slight_smile:

Nice to see you around ,Looks pretty promising in terms of gameplay and atmosphere .
Downloading it right now :slight_smile: and good luck with your bge projects.

Thanks for your support :smiley:

Oh yeah btw i’ll upload the .blend & source file soon, so people can see what’s in the game. :wink:

reminds me of the good old tomb raider days when lara wasnt such a whiny jerk

There is only one thing to say…
The return of the king. Let’s make him king of Gamedor.
(LOTR joke)

Haha… atleast she has better & natural look now :smiley:

i loved her pyramids.

@Farjul97 lol
@S-Markt lol again. :wink:

For those who want to see all the thing inside the game, I just uploaded .blend & source files containing textures & sounds,
Here’s the link:

Hope you learn something new from this file :yes:

I’m still on the first level, but really good job! I like the style of it, plus the mechanics are enjoyable. One thing I might reccomend would be the camera seems to go through walls, if you give it dynamic physics and then turn the translation factor up to one, and give it collision (with good margin) it should keep it from going through (if your using the camera actuator). But again really good job! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback really appreciate it, also glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

wih wih mantap… amazing :cool:

will you be interested to make some third person shooter?
combining this and nodrostov in some way? XD

Nice Game , I wouldn’t mind playin it man.

Woow ! Realy nice work! :smiley: