Arthur, the Banana King

Cute little Arthur has the day of his life as he gets buried in about 6k tasty bananas!

Had a great time with this personal project, testing out a few things I wanted to do for a long time:

  • Rigid Body Simulation: Scattered ~6k bananas
  • Trying out Volume Rendering (which went badly in terms of render time, defaulted to regular image planes)
  • Testing out Light Linking thanks to the latest E-Cycles build
  • Having a go at that #curtisholt-style with emissive pink and turquoise materials :smiley:

Models used:
Amazing rigged horse:
Bananas from the Interior Essentials addon

Rendered at 5k resolution in 15 minutes, using 512 spp.

100% Blender (E-Cycles Pro).

As always, any comment or criticism is appreciated.