Artifact issue with vectore motion blur filter (compositor)


the motion blur filter produces some hard artifacts in some of my cases.

I am not sure how to prevent those. Take a look at the tip of the propellers
and you will see what I am talking about.

The old motion blur gives better results here but lol of course is also a lot slower.

Plus the issue is that the shadow is NOT motion blurred with the filter approach.

I’ve reported similar artifacts as a bug:
if you want you could add your observations to that report.

In terms of fixes, maybe you could use a masked Blur filter & Render Layering to fuzz up the jagged edges. Not the same as true motion blur but better than what’s showing I think.

For the shadow, maybe make a special object that replaces the propeller for shadow-casting purposes? Kind of “pre-blurred,” with alpha transparency, and set up for only shadowing, not full rendering. Might need some node work to put it all together as well.

Obviously, the shadow not being blurred isn’t a bug so much as just a natural limitation of this particular method of blur.

oh i see why i read the manual for it again. it only can look at objects moving not textures
that explains the shadow problem.

the other artifact issue is still huh tough.