Artifacts after baking smooth edges onto low poly

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Problem: I get edge artifacts after baking a hi-poly beveled edge onto a low poly object in Substance and in Blender.

Here is my result from baking in Substance. (Using a cage in Substance painter didnt help):

Here is my result from baking in Blender (with a cage):

As described in the below linked tutorial, I separated all of the faces into their own UV island with ample padding to prevent this issue. I also made sure the low poly mesh had smooth shading applied. The tutorial lessened the severity of the artifacts I was getting, but didn’t eliminate them as you can see above:

Here is the .blend file
Bake Issue.blend (552.6 KB)

Here is a zip of the .FBX files I used to bake in Substance Painter:
Bake Issue Test (14.7 KB)
I baked in Substance using default settings.

Here is another view of a different object with less severe angles baked in Substance Painter. By baking the normals at a resolution of 8192x8192 with the 8x8 anti aliasing option, the artifacts are quite a bit more subdued, but I cant eliminate them completely.

On 90 degree angles they are really apparent: