Artifacts at a distance

I wasnt sure if this is exactly the right place, but I figured that it was at least caused by my modeled. I am modeling a building, and at a distance, there are black marks riddling the render. I cant figure out why it does this at a distance, and when I have the camera close by, the render is smooth. Any tips?

Go in edit mode and select all vertices. Then do CTRL+N and click recalculate normals.

This should solve such a problem.

Also if possble please place the render to help us understand

Also, if you have two faces very close together the renderer will have problems to determine which one of them is in front of the other and will produce shading artifacts, especially at large distances

Ok thank you. Recalculating normals didnt work, Im guessing its the latter suggestion. If its the renderer, would using a different renderer maybe fix the issue? Any suggestion for a renderer that could fix this? (And Im rendering right now, Ill post a render when Im done, its big and my computer is slow :P)

You could try to set the clipping start/end values in the camera options so that you get the building just inside the clipping range, this will give you higher precision in the z-buffer

Ah! That might be. I think I had set the start/end values REALLY high. I had no clue that would effect it, Ill try it and post again. Thank you