Artifacts in Texture rendering in Cycles

Hi All,

I’m seeing an artifact in the texture when rendered using Cycles in my model. The face on the which the artifact is showing up have no overlapping faces and there are no artifacts showing up on other faces in the model. I’m uploading the a screenshot in the post. Please advice me where am I going wrong.



ArtifactsIssue_House.blend (680 KB)

I’m uploading the a screenshot in the post
Please ALWAYS attach or post a link to your blend file. A screenshot on its own misses out about 90% of the useful information.

Hi Richard,

I have attached the blend file to the post.


Anybody have a solution for this.

Change camera to Perspective, Cycles with Ortho camera usually have BVH precision issues. BTW, have no artifacts here, just almost flat plain white walls.

Also, if you change the acceleration structure to “Static BVH” instead of “Dynamic BVH” This will also resolve any further artificating problems… There seems to be a precision issue with dynamic bvh, and has been known about for some time.