Artifacts in viewport ambient occlusion do not disappear?

Hi. We use viewport’s ambient occlusion enabled and easy to model. However, there are meshes that display strange diagonal lines.

  1. Unwrapping so that UVs do not overlap has no effect.
  2. It does not disappear even if the mesh is subdivided.
  3. There is no modifier.
  4. All normals are normal.
  5. It does not disappear even if i paste the surface again.
  6. Of course, if i bake, i will see strange diagonal lines as well.
  7. Viewport Ambient Occlusion settings remain at their default settings.
    strength: 1.000 distance: 0.200 attenuati: 1.000 samples: 20
    What should I do to erase this? Even though if I can not do AO bake, I still care about the viewport view.
    If the image is small, a large one will be prepared.
    How can I eliminate this strange line?

Is there anyone who knows this solution? =(

Weird… Are the normals right? (Not inverted) Are these faces flat? You can try to divide the mesh in even quads (sometimes this helps).

Hi, thanks. normal is not reversed.
It is unclear if it is flat, we will explain in the next screenshot.
Use only quad polygons, no duplicate vertices.

Well, we tried to create a new object of the same shape.
In the meantime, I realized that the problem is happening with the mesh that is going to be in the bellows state. What we are creating is like an accordion bellows.
We took some screenshots.

  1. Create a bellows object from the grid
  2. As we rotate the middle of the bellows, artifacts occur immediately.
  3. If the middle part of the bellows is shortened and the top is inclined, an artifact will occur.
  4. Artifact will not occur if you only shrink the middle of the bellows. =)
  5. However, if i try to edit the top from this state as in 3, the artifacts will appear immediately. =|
  6. Even if the upper part is subdivided, the artifact doesn’t disappear.=(
  7. If I strengthen AO, it looks like this.
    Did we distort the mesh so much?

Uhm… Yes, it could be because of the distortion (but I’m not sure). If the mesh is all quads, try adding a subsurf modifier (use “simple” not Catmull-Clark). Try 1, 2 or 3 levels and see if this still happens…

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Well, We tried and did not improve the viewport AO artifact.
However, it is very important to notice the simplicity of the subdivision modifier, and this has been a more helpful advice from you =)
Thank you.

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AO also generates art facts when baking. We will use Textools bake and paint instead of AO.
We Ignore Blender Viewport AO Issues! haha.

It didn’t work? Now I’m curious about this issue… Could you please share the file? I would like to investigate this even if it can’t be fixed :slight_smile:

aoartifactsamples.blend (502.0 KB)
Thank you. We uploaded the file.
We did not know that this site was able to upload files as well. We was looking for a site to share, but it didn’t make sense. =)

I uploaded it without the suvsurf modifier.
Even with modifiers, it has been confirmed that artifacts occur in AO | )

I see…
I tried to tweak some values but couldn’t find a solution for the viewport issue :frowning: For the bake maybe you could get something useful using the AO node and a color ramp (baking the emission). I’m sorry if this doesn’t help :confused:

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I’m sorry if this doesn’t help

nonononono, You helped us a lot!
We didn’t even know how to use the Ambient Occlusion Node, You helped me not only with subsurf but how to use nodes!
This has been a great help. What a great thing about AO, especially the combination of Ambient Occlusion Node + Color Lamp! =)
The issue of artifacts etc. will fly away! Thankyou, Thankyou for help.

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