Artifacts when using Boolean

Hi, I am getting unclean edge artifacts when using a boolean (BoolTool) modifier. Is there any way to smooth these out to get clean sharp edges? I’ve attached an image with the modifier stack for the object. These artifacts also show up when rendering.

It would be a lot easier to help you better if you provided a .blend file. Anything I can say without is that the bool creates bad topology which you might want to clean up after applying the modifier. Likely you would be able to move it to the top of your stack so you dont have to apply all modifierst before. Hard to guess anyway.


Here is the .blend file.

Those are visible because of shading that tries to smooth high angle edges and is uneven because of bad topology. Enable auto smooth in object data properties and set an angle like 35. Edges with face angle below that gets cut, cleaning the shading.


That worked!! Thanks so much!

You sir are god tier, thanks alot

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