Artifacts with fluid particles

I’m trying to find the best suitable way of modeling different fountains
fluids rendered as lines with length proportional to the particle speed seems to be exactly what was needed

(should look somehow like this, initial speed is animated)

but sometimes it’s look like this:
it seems, the artifacts disappear for some time (when cycling animation) when particles system settings had been changed.
also, they got worse if some random attributes aren’t 0.0 (e.g., factor_random).
it’s pretty obvious that the problem is that some particles “shoot” with bloody high speed, but maybe there is some way to limit their speed?
sorry for messy explanation

It is hard to know what is going wrong without seeing your blend file. Try clearing the cache before you run the simulation - you can do this by increasing the number of particles and then changing it back to the number you want.

Thank you, changing the number of particles and removing all blendercache dirs manually helped