why when i render flat shaded areas i get these rings?
i am trying to get a almost perfect radial gradient???

it was a png (no loss in jpg)
unified, 16xosa etc

plz help?


Save the render and look at it in another program ie. the gimp or photoshop and chances are the rings won’t be visible anymore. The blender render window doesn’t do the best job at displaying 32 bit images if your monitor is set to 16 or 24 bit colour (the other progs dither to compensate) although the saved image will be full 32 bit. This is my understanding – I have been wrong before as my spouse reminds me.

Note that for really fine gradients over large areas even 32 bits of colour information (8 bits of which are for alpha) may not be enough.

Hope this helps,

it’s absolutely normal

[even in 24 bit color there isn’t enough info to make smooth gradients]

I don’t think there has been a fix [dithering] committed to blender yet, but it has been proposed and worked on

thanks guys

will read that dithering info seems to fix it