Artificial intellagence ?

Can and how do you do AI in blender?
I would like to do a game like Age of empires

I’m not familiar with Age of Empires, but AI is possible in Blender. You have to program it in Python. Note that the BGE is somewhat slow as engines go and AI will probably make your game run slow!

Depending on how many objects are in each scene, you only want a few ai bots on the screen at once. You can make the ai real simple using logic bricks. Mmph! and p00f made a good tutorial if you want to search for that. It’s basically all a bunch of if-then’s. Like if a ray sensor detects property “player”, then attack=True. If attack=True, then Track To player… and so on.

Check the resources forum for AI examples, I myself have an AI example that’s very minimal with no python.

Please post links to said threads for examples.